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1. Diana Patricia Lopez Garcia Dra

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Diana Patricia Lopez Garcia Dra

Address: Av. Paseo de la Reforma 2608, Lomas Altas, Miguel Hidalgo, 11950 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Telephone: +52 55 5257 2907

Business type: Plastic surgeon

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Diana Patricia Lopez Garcia Dra: what do users think?

Orbit House: Great!

plasti k: very pleasant

Elizabeth Garcia: Good hygiene, terrible results.

Liliana Lopez: That beauty ...

Fabiola Torres Cravioto: Of the best ,


2. Plastic Surgery at your fingertips

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20 reviews
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Plastic Surgery at your fingertips

Address: Merida 170-consultorio 26, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06760 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 AM

Telephone: +52 55 6377 2679

Business type: Plastic surgeon

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Plastic Surgery at your fingertips: what do users think?

Lea Ortiz: Dr. Erick is good but his secretaries are lousy. My surgery ended up being more than 3 hours after the appointment because they scheduled wrong.

angelica del rocio ojeda hurtado: Too bad, there were so many complications that I ended up spending much more money than expected, the surgery was very bad, and the only thing the doctor could say was, you see, it was worse before, nothing professional, I am very sorry!!!

Yas goldenbody: The truth is that he is an excellent surgeon. He did liposculpture, lipectomy, a corset on the inside, joined the muscles of the belly and stomach to reduce the waist, breast augmentation and bichectomy all together and I am truly fascinated, I highly recommend it

VIANEY Ita: I had a bichectomy 10 days ago and everything is fine. The doctor dominates his work, he is a bit brusque but attentive. 100% recommended

Cruz Sánchez Carolina Ivonne: I am quoting for cosmetic surgery, I visited three places with this clinic, sincerely it was the most economical cost I saw, I was struck by the price but since I called, the attention was terrible, even so I decided to go to my appointment, I arrived 10 minutes before and when the receptionist sought my appointment she said it was not scheduled, she later indicated that I had been scheduled, I waited an hour at reception and they told me that I had to wait longer to be treated since he had left and at that moment he was performing a procedure and had to wait until it was over so that he could take care of me and they could spend an extra two hours, and that they cited 3 patients at the same time in case none came, then I do not understand why they schedule an appointment if they are going to attend until they feel like it, the receptionist in a rude tone told me that they attended there and that I could leave if I wanted to. endar, obviously I will not go again, on the way back there is another clinic and surely there I will go to what I do the surgery, but want to waste time I do not recommend that clinic

Frida Mb: I think I needed the anesthesia to take effect My bichectomy lasted 5 minutes, no sutures, but well, he will know why I have great confidence in his work and I expect excellent results, thank you!

yudi wolffnurmi: Excellent price and excellent service

3. Dr. Francisco Pérez Chávez

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Dr. Francisco Pérez Chávez

Address: Av. Insurgentes Sur 1677, Guadalupe Inn, Álvaro Obregón, 01020 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: +52 55 4499 1443

Business type: Plastic surgeon

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4. Dr. Rodrigo Morales De la Cerda

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50 reviews
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Dr. Rodrigo Morales De la Cerda

Address: Consultorio 601, Torre A, Centro Médico ABC, Camino a Santa Fe, Vasco de Quiroga 4001, Santa Fe, Cuajimalpa de Morelos, 05348 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 AM

Telephone: +52 55 1664 7300

Business type: Plastic surgeon

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Dr. Rodrigo Morales De la Cerda: what do users think?

Carolina Hernandez: I am beyond Grateful that I came across such an Amazing Plastic Surgeon! When thinking of plastic surgery one must Always look at before and after pictures of the surgeon not only on minor surgeries but on the complicated reconstructive ones. To me plastic surgery is art. In order to have wonderful results the Surgeon is required to have an artistic vision and creative mind. Dr. Morales De La Cerda has it all! I had breast implants placed in 10 years ago at the age of 20 almost 21. I am now 31 years old. I had told my mom that I wanted to have explant surgery. I did attend a consultation in Boston (home for me). The plastic surgeon in Boston had told me that in order to remove the implant with the capsule I will need to have an open incision in the crease under the breast. I spoke to my mom about this, I was not looking forward to this technique. My mom had told me that she saw the show El Gordo y La Flaca which presented that day the famous Mexican actress Michelle Renaud who had explant surgery with Dr. Morales De La Cerda. My mom advise me to look into the plastic surgeon and do research on him. Which Im sure Glad I DID!! Not only did he explanted Michelle Renaud but he also did the same surgery for Thali Garcia which is also a famous Mexican actress. I came across his name on both of the their instagram. I then added him on instagram and began my research. I was able to see the massive amount of knowledge that Dr. Morales has. Able to see the Colleges and Universities he attended. The before and after pictures are very impressive. Especially the reconstructive ones! I knew he was the one. My primary care doctor was impressed and happy to know that I was going to travel abroad to a great plastic surgeon. ( My primary care doctor made me show him Dr. Morales website). I then got in contact with Dr. Morales secretary Laura. She was very helpful in every aspect. I then emailed Dr. Morales with before and after pictures and information of what I was looking for. Dr. Morales then invited me to a zoom meeting. This was Great! He was able to answer questions and clear any doubts in my head. I was excited to know that I was going to have my implants removed with as little scar as possible noticeable. The technique he used was via my areola which he then also performed a lift via the same incision. This was done in order to prevent by breast from having loose skin. And to have beautiful and perky breast :) Laura made my travel plans so much easier. She was able to assist me with all the planning and made my pre op appointment in the hospital ABC Medical Center for me. I went for the ABC Medical Center Hospital option as my preference. The staff is amazing! The anesthesiologist was so nice and caring! I knew I was in great hands. I also stayed in the Hyatt House Hotel which has a connecting bridge to the hospital. Not only that !! Dr. Rodrigo Morales Office is less than 2 minutes away from my hotel room since Dr. Morales office connects with the hotel and the hospital. I am so grateful that I had this procedure done with Dr. Rodrigo Morales De La Cerda. I am beyond Thankful! I will be one week post op tomorrow and the results are just incredible. My breast are doing wonderful and yes they are perky and beautiful! I still have more healing which he told me today I will love even more. I definitely recommend Dr. Morales De La Cerda. When one is under going such a live changing procedure is always best to go with the best. When you go with the best you rest assure knowing you wont need a revision. <3

Miss M: For foreigners that want to get surgery done in Mexico City: BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE! I found Dr. Rodrigo Morales De La Cerda via a google search typing in “Best Plastic Surgeons in Mexico City”. I ran into some other Mexican surgeons, and I did communicate with other practices via WhatsApp just like I did with Dr. Morales’s practice, but I found his practice to be the most professional in the way they communicated with me, the medical degrees the doctor had, the medical boards he was associated with, and most of all the before and after pictures he had in his site and the ones he showed me later during our virtual consultation which we had to begin with. Read more below if you are seriously considering doing surgery with Dr. Morales De La Cerda: Steps I took to make my surgery happen: 1. First, I wrote to Dr. Morales via WhatsApp. His assistant, Laura, responded quickly and professionally. Laura asked me to email pictures of myself to the doctor so he can assess the procedure I wanted to get done. 2. They gave me options of non-invasive and invasive procedures. I really appreciated this about the practice, but in reality I was already decided on what I wanted to get done. 3. I scheduled a virtual visit with the doctor. I told him WHAT and WHY I wanted what I wanted to get done. He listened carefully to everything I was saying and once I was done, he showed me before and after pictures of examples and solutions to show me he could do what I wanted, he explained to me everything in perfect English (and Spanish because I also speak Spanish but preferred English). He gave me an estimate of price with options for clinic or hospital. I said I would think about it for a bit. 4. I slept on my decision for a week, and then I decided I was going to go for it! I then kept communicating via WhatsApp with Laura to schedule an in person consultation visit with the doctor and to find out what were the next steps in order to proceed, which were to choose a operation date and to make an initial deposit of the total amount of the procedure in order to hold my date. They emailed me instructions on what I needed to do before flying to Mexico: COVID19 48-72 hour test results, pre-op blood work, eat healthy, still exercise, no alcohol, no smoking. They gave me hotel with kitchenettes suggestions that were situated next to his practice which was super helpful, but I opted for an Airbnb that was located by the clinic In Polanco, where I would get the actual procedure done. 5. Flew to Mexico, and arrived around 8-9pm. Checked into Airbnb in Polanco. Slept. 6. Next morning had my in person consultation at the practice. The practice was very high end, modern, and clean. First, one of his male nurses or assistants filled out some virtual standard paperwork with me, and he shot before pictures of me. Then the doctor had a look at me and explained to me the solutions He would take to solve “my problem area”. He explained to me everything that was going to happen pre and post operation, so I wouldn’t go into the clinic bewildered since I was going to do this “alone” after all. He suggested I get a nurse for 24-48 hours after the surgery. 7. Surgery day at 9am. I got my procedure done in a private clinic as opposed to the hospital. Nurses were excellent. The anesthesiologists was excellent. The doctor was excellent. I feel that I was in and out. The doctor came to see how I was doing after I was done and then the nurses were so so nice and professional. Nurses wheeled me out in a wheelchair to my Uber, helped me get into the car and that’s how I left the clinic to my Airbnb around midnight. 8. While at my Airbnb the next day, I Hired a nurse for 24-48 hours recommended by the doctor which were So great and helpful. I highly recommend this! 9. Doctor kept checking up on me via WhatsApp and answered all my questions or his assistant Laura would answer my questions. Also, had an in person follow up visit with the doctor 6-7 day after surgery to take stitches off and To see the progress. 10. Fly back to America 7 days after procedure.

LSV: Unfortunately I was left completely butchered and botched after breast surgery done by this doctor. I believe he should never perform such surgeries ever again. My decision to trust him left me scarred for life.

Yulia Juarez: I had four different surgeries by Dr.Rodrigo Morales De La Cerda and I am absolutely happy with the results. He is very professional both in communication and in his work. Also he is very neat. I had two surgeries on my face one is chin implant the other is Rhenoplasty and I have no one even a little scar on my face . He did amazing job. 👍👍👍

Info Imm: Came to Mexico on vacation & decided to visit Dr Morales office, their I was treated by both Dr Alejandra Mena & Dr Luis Villanueva both are knowledgeable caring and very patient. Came to get coolsculpting, both have been phenomenal. I highly recommend both of them and will definitely return.

Chris Armijo: I have been a patient of Dr. Rodrigo’s for about 3 years now. Great professional, takes his time and is always conservative with my different treatments. Highly recommend!

phil2u48: Absolute professionalism from the initial consultation to the post-operation procedures. Surgical results beyond expectations. Highly recommended.

Samantha Correa Castillo: Dr. Rodrigo Morales De la Cerda is an excellent surgeon, very professional, he takes great care of the aesthetic details that one needs. I have gone to his office several times for different treatments, he and his team are very human, always aware of any detail, they always treat me very well and I will continue to be their patient!

NATALIA FERNANDEZ: I have nothing but gratitude to Rodrigo...I experienced a block explantation with mastopexy!!!...happy with the result and with the treatment. What a joy that life has put us on the same path. THANK YOU ♥️♥️♥️

5. Beauty Concept Clinic

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12 reviews
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Beauty Concept Clinic

Address: Av Moliere 13-11B, Polanco, Polanco III Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11540 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 AM

Telephone: +52 55 4916 0472

Business type: Medical spa

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Beauty Concept Clinic: what do users think?

Juan Santiago Barajas: Excellent place, very good treatment, they make the patient feel very good. Everything very clean and organized. 100% recommended

Beatriz América Ponce Lara: Excellent place, they have the most innovative regarding technology and use high-end products for treatments tratamientos as well as being super friendly.

Sonia Dec: Highly recommended 😉

Alejandro Micheletti: I love going to this spa! They always treat me like a king and leave me spectacular😎

Abraham Montes de oca: Excellent attention and the service is first class, 100% recommended!

Javier Torres: Excellent place and service highly recommended

Mata Ricardo: excellent service

6. Dr. José Daza. Cirujano Plástico - Clínica Boston Medical & Aesthetics México

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315 reviews
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Dr. José Daza. Cirujano Plástico - Clínica Boston Medical & Aesthetics México

Address: Boston 24, Noche Buena, Benito Juárez, 03720 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: +52 55 5563 9745

Business type: Plastic surgeon

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Dr. José Daza. Cirujano Plástico - Clínica Boston Medical & Aesthetics México: what do users think?

Melissa R.: The best surgeon in Mexico City!! Deserves more than 5 stars. On November 18th, 2022 I came in for the 3rd time with Dr. Daza for a Lipoabdominoplasty and Fat transfer to glutes and breast. I have received previous surgeries from Dr. Daza and I am always more than happy with my results, my self esteem always rises up after visiting the facility. The staff is really kind and helpful, they help in all they can and answer any questions that may come to a patients mind, explaining what is going on step by step. The nurses also deserve 5 star review. The spa is a relief after getting surgery, the staff is also really kind and during the process they explain step by step what is going on. Overall this is the best place to come if you’re planning on getting cosmetic/aesthetic surgery, I highly highly recommend Dr. Daza, aside from being a profesional he is a kind person who gives you confidence. 13 days post-op, I get to fly back to my hometown San Francisco, California, with a high self esteem and the best experience of all.
Response: Hello Melissa It is so grateful to read your kind words. Many patients comming from abroad are very nervous and insecure when planning a cosmetic surgery in México 🇲🇽. Your review will help a lot of foreign patients to fell very secure and come over with us to get their dream surgery. We try to change bodies but our main objective is to change lives and to give the best expirience possible. Thank you and have a nice trip back to San Francisco 🇺🇸

Sally Perez: Im so happy i chose to get my work done with Dr. Daza and his nurses. From the beginning I was extremely impressed by how professional he was and the wonderful results he gave his patients. During my surgery and recovery process his staff was extremely kind and made sure I was comfortable and always answered all my questions. During the post op process his nurses were the absolute best, I really can’t thank them enough for how well they took care of me. They acted like a mom or aunty, they genuinely cared for me . I highly recommend Dr. Daza and his staff, they are professional, caring, kind, they have a ton of experience.
Response: Hello Sally Thanks for the nice words you’very written about us. I know you are flying back to San Francisco next Saturday and I am completely sure that you are ready to go back without any tope of complications. You will only need to wait for some more weeks to see the amazing result you are getting. 🙏🙏🙏 See you soon

Honey Dose: I haven’t gotten any procedure done yet. I was curious about paying $100 for the WhatsApp call ? Did anyone else here have to pay this amount to receive info on surgery ? I was told I wasn’t allowed to know any information on anything untill I pay first. I never got any plastic surgery done before in my life so idk if that’s how it always goes or what but someone please lmk I appreciate it!
Response: Hello, good afternoon Yes, everyone pays for the consultation with Dr. He gives an hour of his time to personally answer your questions before performing surgery. It is highly recommended to do so.

Rosa Jorge: Dr Jose Daza is amazing, warm professional and made me feel comfortable. It was everything I hoped for and more. All the staff and nurses were great, kind and gentle. I am very happy with my mommy makeover. I received excellent care. Thank you all for giving me the results I was looking for.
Response: Hello Rosa I am very pleased to read you enjoyed your visit to BMA Mexico. We try to make all of our patients fell safe and comfortable. Your result will be amazing. Just wait some more weeks. Thank you

SARA TIAN: I am very lucky to have chosen Dr .Jose. He is the best and most patient doctor I have ever met! All the nurses are very nice and kind. They took good care of me. I would highly recommend to all my friends.
Response: Hello Sara. You are one of the kindest patients we ever had too. I appreciate your words and I am very happy with the upcoming results. Thank you for the cookies 🍪 and for trusting our work. 🙏 See you in some days!!

gold drive: I came all the way from Los Angeles to dr Daza to get a nose job. He did go through all the steps with me before surgery and explained how all the Procedure will be!!! I’m very satisfied with the result I love my new nose, no bruising no pain 😊and no problem at all , His staff are sooo friendly and professional. I will definitely go back . Thank you Dr Daza🙏
Response: Hello Shirin I remember you told me that for mane years you were looking to do a Rhynoplasty. I know you have sent plenty plastic surgeons but you choose us as the lucky ones. It has been a pleasure having you here with us and I hope to see you soon. Thank you 🙏

aracelli navarro: Definitely would come back, great customer service and care to their patients. The doctors hands are a work of art 😍. They made recovery very easy after surgery. They communicate with me to make sure I am doing well. I am proud to now be able to refer from my personal experience as many friends have chosen him as their doctor. Thank you Daza!
Response: We are so pleased to read your words Araceli. It feels incredible when I read everyone of your reviews and realize we are doing our best and recieving so many nice reviews. Thank you 🙏

Amber Colombo: I traveled from Canada to visit Dr.Daza for a rhinoplasty. The nurses were incredibly friendly, they made sure I was comfortable and well taken care of. The clinic was very clean, and my recovery was very fast! I would recommend this clinic to anyone, especially those planning to have surgery abroad 😊 although my nose is still a bit swollen, my results look fantastic so far!
Response: Thank you Amber By now you must be back in Canada 🇨🇦. I am very happy you enjoyed staying at BMA and enjoying our beauty city. You will love your final result Amber. It take about 4 months to get it so be patient please. I am very thankful and appreciate your review. See you soon 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Tristan Pulido: I picked Dr. Daza because of all his great reviews and strong presence on Instagram. He did not disappoint. Once at the clinic, all doubts disappeared because of how well the entire staff took care of me. I look absolutely incredible and am 100% happy with my results. Just two weeks after a full mommy makeover, I am walking and doing most everything like normal, and not once did I ever have to take a narcotic as a pain killer- just Tylenol and Advil. If you’re thinking about booking, definitely do it. Dr. Daza and his staff- Imelda, Dani, and Brenda- are the absolute best!
Response: Thank you Tristan. You had a wonderful MMO and the results are going to be a lot better. I appreciate you having chosen us as your first choice and I am more than thankful to hear you enjoined the trip. Say hello to your husband and fatter please. See you back in some weeks.

Anyy Garcia: I Like to start off by stating how great the customer service and how professional DrDaza and his staff was and to re assure the good quality of a certified surgeon is please do you researching before any procedure therefore I’m very happy with my results and I highly speak for Dr Daza he is 100% the best of the best from beginning to end - I had a few surgeries before and had never been so pleased and happy as this time he is a gem 💎
Response: Thank you Anny I know you have had bad experiences before and I am very pleased to hear and read your words. We try our best every single day and working as a team have improved our patients experience. I hope to see you back in the future. Safe flight back home!

7. Elite Plastic Surgeon®️ Drs.TorresPastrana Y Rivera

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12 reviews
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Elite Plastic Surgeon®️ Drs.TorresPastrana Y Rivera

Address: Adolfo Prieto 1649, Del Valle, Benito Juárez, 03100 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: +52 55 5534 4921

Business type: Plastic surgeon

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Elite Plastic Surgeon®️ Drs.TorresPastrana Y Rivera: what do users think?

Amelia Gelin: I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Torres. Not only did she fit me in on a day I was concerned about my implant but she unlocked her doors late at 745pm to help me. She was very honest with great advice. I trust her completely and would recommend her to anyone. She is very professional, extremely good bedside manner, thorough and treated me like a family member!!!
Response: Hello Dear Amelia . :) It is a pleasure to welcome you to our office . We really appreciate your review and feel free to contact us for whatever you need . Welcome to Mexico and thank you enormously for your trust ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

NOEMI RIVERA: Dra.Stephania Torres Pastrana, is a Surgeon, one of the best in Mexico City, She takes care of my beauty. I like the handling he did with me, Professional, Ethical, and His work is of EXCELLENCE, THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO ME Congratulations Dr. .....
Response: Thank you very much, Dr. Noemi, we are very happy with the trust you have in our center. A pleasure to continue attending you

ALEX HOUSES: Excellent doctor, men, we deserve to improve our image and that better than with the best doctor in Mexico, thank you very much for changing my image.
Response: Thanks for the trust Alex! We hope to follow up and offer you the best service from us!

priscilla torres: Dr. Stephania is an excellent surgeon, professional and prepared, I highly recommend her.
Response: Thanks Priscilla! We hope to see you again at the clinic soon! Welcome! Thank you Priscilla! We hope to see you again soon in the clinic! Welcome!

amaya hernandez: Excellent place for surgery, incredible treatment and super friendly staff :)
Response: Thank you very much Amaya, we continue at your service and we hope to see you again soon :) Thank you very much Amaya, we follow your orders and hope to see you soon again :)

A Nuñez: Excellent option in surgery, no one better than Dr. Stephania, recommended.

Juan Manuel Ruiz: Very professional, empathetic and always aware of developments, highly recommended.

Jose Ruiz: Thank you for your attention and all your services and for the follow-up, highly recommended,

8. Cirujano Plástico Dr Xavier Sanchez García

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37 reviews
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Cirujano Plástico Dr Xavier Sanchez García

Address: Hospital Angeles del Pedregal Consultorio 625 Torre Angeles, Camino Sta. Teresa 1055-S, La Magdalena Contreras, 10700 CDMX, Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 AM

Telephone: +52 55 5568 5056

Business type: Plastic surgeon

Near Cirujano Plástico Dr Xavier Sanchez García:

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Cirujano Plástico Dr Xavier Sanchez García: what do users think?

Joshua Gomez: Very happy with Rhinoplasty outcome. Procedure was smooth and felt painless.Doctor made me feel comfortable coming from another country. Also made me feel like I was at home and took well care of me during my time here. Doctor was honest and is a good person. Would highly recommend.

Raul Olver: Terrible experience. "Doctor" Xavier performed an otoplasty on me that he charged 30,000 pesos and left me with a very unattractive result and different from what was agreed upon and no one is going to return the money to me. I will have to have surgery again with a well-selected surgeon now. Appalling!!!

Gabriela Chavero: Both of my ear holes were ripped. One fine day, one of them opened completely. I felt very uncomfortable so I took on the task of investigating and found that for the reconstruction to look good I had to go to a plastic surgeon. After searching and comparing alternatives, I arrived with Dr. Xavier and I arrived with the best! From the first call to ask for information, your assistant was very friendly and approachable. The same day I called they gave me an appointment. When I met the doctor, he gave me a lot of confidence because he explained everything to me in great detail. It was a simple procedure compared to others that he also performs and in any case he took the necessary time to explain and give me details of everything. That same day I scheduled the lobuloplasty of both ears. Once the procedure was done, the doctor was attentive to me and took my call immediately the next day with a question that arose. We waited 2 months or so for everything to heal properly and for the doctor to be able to re-drill the holes for the earrings. Everything went according to plan and I was very satisfied!

Rodrigo de Icaza: I had a serious accident where I ended up with second and third degree burns on 45% of my body. I was transferred to Hospital Ángeles where Dr. Xavier Sánchez García accompanied by Dr. Fernando Arnaud treated me. I underwent more than 10 surgeries that included skin grafts on hands, legs and arms, reconstruction of ears and lips, surgical washes, surgery for mobility of the hands, among others. All this between December 2021 and January 2022. Today, July 2022, I can say that the treatment was excellent. Of the many things that could have happened (loss of limb mobility, loss of mobility in hands, retraction of scars, serious infections, etc.) I do not have any repercussions that will last a lifetime. The treatment during my 2-month stay in the hospital and the follow-up has been excellent.

Carlos González Martínez: Dr. Xavier badly applied a hyaluronic acid filler that did nothing but make the relief of my nasolabial folds more evident. The bad result was so evident that I had to go to a specialist and also spend two applications of hyaluronidase to eliminate the unpleasant effect of hyaluronic acid produced by the bad application made by Dr. Xavier. This added to the 12,000 that the Dr. charges per unit of hyaluronic acid, something already too expensive in itself. As if that were not enough, he refuses to give invoices.

Alma Garcia Ramos: I loved the result, it was above my expectations. The Doctor understood very well what I wanted. Very professional, I recommend him without reservation

Saul Ruvalcaba: Dr Xavier Sanchez is an excellent doctor. I came from San Francisco CA to have otoplasty surgery. I had very large and protruding ears, the doctor was able to build my beautiful ears. I will recommend 10/10

Casandra Lima: Excellent service throughout the treatment. I am very happy with the result of my surgery. The doctor answered all my questions and made me feel calm during the whole process. He is a very kind person and cares about his patients before, during and after surgery. Excellent postoperative follow-up. I had been looking for a professional like him for some time, with excellent skills and treatment. I definitely recommend it

Mary Elizalde: The doctor is a very kind and professional person. I am super happy with my result! I would recommend it 100%

9. Dr. Giuseppe Tanzillo

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71 reviews
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Dr. Giuseppe Tanzillo

Address: Av. Pdte. Masaryk 178-Piso 2, Polanco, V sección, Miguel Hidalgo, 11560 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 AM

Telephone: +52 55 4372 7683

Business type: Plastic surgeon

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Dr. Giuseppe Tanzillo: what do users think?

Mirko Ordiano: Wanted to do a “chin liposuction”, It was my first extetical threatment and i was pretty scared. But the professional skills and expertise of the doctor have been so good that i didn’t had any problem at all! Strongly reccomended. Very human and serious person that knows what he’s doing

Joyce Burdier: From the moment I connected with Dr. Tanzillo’s coordinator to schedule my surgery, it was super pleasant, informative and friendly. I flew in from California and prior to arriving because of Mariel I knew where to go to get all my pre-op work done. Mariel was so helpful in answering all questions. I did an online consult with Dr. Tanzillo who was professional and made me feel at ease. Upon arriving to my consult in person, Dr. Tanzillo was super honest with me about the concerns for one of the surgeries I wanted. He went over the risks and explained why he would not be able to do it. He explained which surgery he could do in the meantime until I’m able to have the other surgery. The way he handled my consult was professional and honest. I really appreciated his honesty. Other surgeons do not care and just want your money, not Dr. Giuseppe-he has a high bar for his work. Surgery was scheduled and I must say I am so pleased with the results and actually happily we didn’t do the third surgery. The facility where the surgery was performed was top notch. The staff wonderful and I really felt well taken care of in my overnight stay. Valeria, Dr. Tanzillo’s nurse, is such an incredible, friendly, and amazing person. She listened to my concerns and made sure to answer any questions I had that came up during recovery. She also took great care of me during my massages and wanted to make sure I flew back home comfortable. I can’t rave enough about the entire experience. I was treated like the queen I am! Highly recommend Dr. Tanzillo and his staff to anyone thinking of having surgery in Mexico City! Top Notch service!!
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Vanessa Gallardo: Had a great experience, quick recovery, loving my body & minimal pain . Highly recommendedThey’re very nice and professional.
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Giuseppe Sauro: I had an excellent experience with the Doctor and with all the staff, great professionalism and quality. Recovery was faster than expected but most of all without pain or complications. highly recommended
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Priscilla Athena Olivas: One of the best decisions I have ever made. I felt safe in Dr. Tanzilo’s hands and I knew he was going to do an incredible job. I hardly had any pain after my procedure and I feel great! I flew in from California to see him and couldn’t be happier with my results. Highly recommended! His assistant Mariel is also amazing! Can’t wait to come back
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Eugenio Alvarez: Worst dr ever After knowing I was from outside of the country, he diced to charge a higher price than others drs I visited. Was unprofessional, unethical and disrespectful after I complain about his comments with out knowledge regarding my physical conditions. Screaming, yelling about his profesional study’s out of Mexico and how smart is ( what’s the relation with his unethical behavior?? ) all this going back and forth in his hallway office, creating a big scene in front of the coworkers and patients. What is going on with the Egocentricity Dr !
Response: I never seen a patient called EUGENIO ALVAREZ, of course is a fake review, and i studied also in Mexico aa few months during my residency so another FAKE information about me!!!

edward jones: Amazing service! Dr. Tanzillo has an amazing eye an esthetic. He listens to your wants and needs and helps you achieve your desired results while making sure to maintain a natural and beautiful look. Developing trust with your plastic surgeon is important, and he makes that process soo easy. Amazing person and doctor! I have been coming to see him for some time now and he is the only plastic surgeon that I recommend to my friends and family!
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Areli Michua: Excellent doctor! I love your job! I underwent breast augmentation surgery and the truth is that I was quite satisfied with the results, the results were quite natural and my recovery was very fast. Without a doubt, I will choose Dr. Giuseppe again for future procedures, I am very happy and content, he is a great professional.

Luis Alvarado: I had the best experience! From the consultation, the first appointment, the honest consultation of what can be done and what could not be done. My surgery went perfect, the nurses were fantastic and the facility was great. I have also gone in for post surgical process and the massages have been amazing, I also had my lips done and all has been so natural and amazing! Lipo, man BBL transfer. I had the best experience! From the consultation, the first date, the honest consultation of what can be done and what cannot be done. My surgery went perfectly, the nurses were fantastic, and the facilities were great. I also had a post-surgery process and the massages have been amazing, I also had my lips done and everything has been so natural and amazing! Lipo, male BBL transfer.
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Allan Moreno: From the beginning, Dr. Giuseppe Tanzillo made me feel safe, excellent treatment and the explanation of the procedure to be performed was complete and detailed. Post-surgical follow-up is assured in a timely manner. The accompanying staff is an added value. Completely satisfied with the result, which is why I highly recommend it.
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