Best Ethiopian Restaurants In Mexico City Near Me

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1. LAfricaine

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Address: Av Instituto Politécnico Nacional 5119, Capultitlan, Gustavo A. Madero, 07370 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 AM

Telephone: +52 55 5739 2217

Business type: African restaurant

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LAfricaine: what do users think?

Niyi Coker: Best meal I had in Mexico City. Great customer service. Excellent tasteful dishes. Great atmosphere. Five stars!!! Vegetarian options: Lots of vegetables and vegetarian meals with okra and spinach

Mutonya Mutonya: Looking for a taste of African cuisine in Mexico City? Look no further! I enjoyed my last outing with a serving of foofoo and okra soup! Wide variety of foods from the Mother Continent! And in the background, you can enjoy rhythms and beats of different forms of music from Africa. Excellent place to cure homesickness for those from Africa, and to take a cuisine trip for those who want to explore new recipes! I want to go back there soonest!!

Vissi Lea: I will recommend everyone to visit the restaurant. The food is excellent, the service is fast and the workers are friendly. Everything was worth its price.👌Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

V Bawa: Great, professional service and amazing food! I had the fufu with okro and meat, and puff puff, and was very satisfied 🙌🏾

Alain Moonsie: The outside appearance my seem a bit rundown but the restaurant itself is okay enough. The service is quite good and the food is reasonable priced and tasty.

Chibalove: Excellent service, delicious food. I recommend this place for people looking to eat heamthily around México City. Lafricaine, le gout de tous

Phoenix Sky: Food was good beer 👍👍me and my carnal poncho like this place

Barimah Osei Kwaku: Delicious meal over there. Taste some continental dishes from Asia, Africa and many more.

Fab Munji: Great people and food

2. Afromenu mexico

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Afromenu mexico

Address: Calle Ote. 182 362b, Moctezuma 2da Secc, Venustiano Carranza, 15530 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 AM

Telephone: +52 55 1482 3382

Business type: African restaurant

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Afromenu mexico: what do users think?

Stanley Adjabeng: Hole in a wall unassuming kind of place close to the airport. Food was very delicious, they have fufu, eba, egusi, okra soup and of course jollof rice. You can wash it down with palm wine or beer. Service was great. Great find in Mexico City.

Afoma Okoli: The most delicious oha soup in the whole of North America. The food was so good that I had to leave get jollof rice as a takeaway. I even left a review On my channel(Amofa.o)you will see my tripod in the picture 😀. I have told all my Nigerian friends to head over to this restaurant, this is the best Nigerian food in Mexico!!!!

Olka F: Egusi and pounded yam meal was simply divine!! I felt so comfortable with my African kin. Well served and absolutely delicious 🧡

Von: The food was spectacular. I’ve come back here many times and appreciate the Egusi soup the most. Everything is made authentically and true to form. They have authentic Nigerian food and it’s delish!

Aderonke Adewoye: The food is so delicious, it makes me remember my home country Nigeria 🇳🇬

Gerald Amako: Lovely and wide variety in the menu. home away from home. Ambience could be a bit better with some african tunes. Overall a great experience if you are from Africa or Nigeria

Temitope Oyeyemi: Read a lot about compliment on this great restaurant,it really make me happy that Nigerians are doing great in diaspora, proud of you Afromenu Mexico. I am coming to Mexico in April 2021, i will like to visit your wonderful restaurant to have a meal. From The Catalyst International Magazine, Baltimore Maryland USA

Adebola Akeredolu: Awesome Nigerian food in Mexico City. They have everything!. I had their jollof rice & moin moin. The portion were huge and delicious. Will be back. :)

Adekemi Alliu: If you are into African food this is your spot. You can grab a quick bite or a have a proper meal. They have food to go and they also sell food items and IFA religion items.

3. The Globe Ethiopia

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1010 reviews
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The Globe Ethiopia

Address: Xola 1255, Narvarte Poniente, Benito Juárez, 03020 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7 AM

Telephone: +52 55 5519 4932

Business type: Pastry shop

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The Globe Ethiopia: what do users think?

Elijah Monroe: Ok coffee. Good selection of pan dulce.

Jaime Osorio: Good coffee good bread

Fershiii Plascencia Sosa: 😁

Alexia Benitez: I really like the bread here, the last time I went I noticed that they had an invasion of bees, they were all over the bread and stuck to the windows, I hope they were able to control it.

Joanna López (Usagi): The door is always open and the panettone is invaded by bees. They should cover the bread with something

Marco Antonio García Cabrera: The branch has a great variety of bread, cakes and cookies, they can even buy hot and cold drinks, as well as candles for the cakes, however, the service is slow, they lack staff and if they do I hope it will be a little more friendly and attentive.

Silvia Gonzalez: It is a delight to enter this place, you can find everything for any occasion and this time it was time to buy the fe reyes bagel, truly a delight. Fascinates us. Congratulations!!

Sigfrido manuel Monge bernal: Their bread is very tasty but they make them smaller every time and the cakes are already super aired and with a very bad presentation

4. La Casbah

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La Casbah

Address: Campeche 174, Cuauhtémoc, Roma Sur, Cuauhtémoc, 06760 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2 PM

Telephone: +52 55 5564 6826

Business type: Moroccan restaurant

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La Casbah: what do users think?

Lena Mendoza: Coming from a Moroccan, this place is incredible! The food is very close to being 100% authentic. It was fresh, and full of flavor. All the right spices. The Mint Tea was also deliciously sweet. The staff was friendly, and it is very beautiful inside with all the Moroccan decor. I felt like I was in Morocco again! Definitely recommend if you want to try Moroccan food or miss Moroccan food.

Reginald Williams: Without a doubt, a first class experience. Not only was our food superb, but contrary to the disappointment expressed by some reviewers, the service received was exemplary. The lamb in our lamb tajine was so tender the meat was falling off the bone and our bastello (a lovely pastry) was divine and a perfect compliment to the tajine. Even though the place was packed our sever, Malik, returned to our table numerous times to check on us and make sure everything was alright. He was also patient and kind, taking time to explain our dishes and to explain some of the differences in Moroccan and Algerian food. When in Mexico City we’ll be back.

Gerardo Benitez: Incredible experience. Food is delicious and the owner and wife super charming. We will definitely return

Maryam Sicard: The best arabic food around. “Bastella” and “Mint tea” are a must.

Alan Garcíæ: Delicious! A very charming, such a good option to try northern African food. 👌🏻

mahmoud abdo: Such a great cook and super friendly person. Loved mr husein! Mahmoud from Egypt 🤩

Fede Casas: I just love this place. Don’t be fooled by bad interior design or even if there are just a few people eating there. The food is amazing and you won’t regret it. The lamb couscous is perfect, you’ll also love the Bastela and the tea is perfect to enjoy it all.

5. Zeru

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Address: Av. Revolución 1547, San Ángel, Álvaro Obregón, 01000 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 1 PM

Telephone: +52 55 5550 9544

Business type: Spanish restaurant

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Zeru: what do users think?

Javier Mejia: Excelente place to take your date for a drink and to have a great time while you enjoy Spaniard cuisine
Response: Thanks for your comments Javier

Beth McC: Every dish we tried was excellent. The service was top notch. However you pay for what you get!
Response: Thanks for your comments Beth!

Alejandro Gonzalez: It is a great restaurant,food is great and they have top notch service. A bit expensive but worth it. I gave 4 stars because there is only 1 toilet for men and 1 for women so if you need to go there is nothing and you have to wait.
Response: Thanks for taking the time to review us Alejandro. Kind regards

Coco Romero Lee: Tried out this restauarnt last weekend on a girls night out.Delicious food and great interior - when ordering, try ordering lots of dishes and sharing as a table. The gin & tonic with lychee was a personal favorite!
Response: Thanks for your visit and comments Coco! Hope to see you back soon!

Sarahí Aguilar: Excellent service and high quality food, yet I could notice there was a huge gender gap within the personel of the restaurant. Please consider hiring more women.
Response: Thanks for taking the time to share your experience Sarahí. We will definitely pass on your comments to the administration.

Rodrigo Baca Gutierrez: Has really good cuisine but it is very expensive so have that on your mind before deciding to go.
Response: Thanks for your visit Rodrigo!

Rigoberto Riquelme: Service could be better. Food lingers
Response: Thanks for your comments, Rigoberto. We would love to hear more about your experience and get hands-on regarding service and others matters. Would you be able to send us a DM with your info? Management would like to contact you.

Alejandro Camacho: Excelent service and the food is just out of this world
Response: Thanks for your comments Alexander! Cheers

Max Max: Super 👌
Response: Thanks Max! Cheers

6. Tufa

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231 reviews
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Address: Av. Vasco de Quiroga, Del. Cuajimalpa #3800-loc. 578, Contadero, Cuajimalpa de Morelos, 05109 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 1 PM

Telephone: +52 55 9688 9986

Business type: Restaurant

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Tufa: what do users think?

Andrea Alejandre: Located in the parking lot of a mall, even though it is hard to find it at first but when you do it is a nice surprise, it is a pretty place, with a big enough menu, all arab options, except for dessert, they only have one option and also the portions are pretty small. But it is not as expensive as they usually are in this mall. Great service.

Lina Avci: First we were enjoying the food, but while I was eating my salad , there was an alive brown insect in my salad !!!! Maybe I ate some insect I dont know, but it was really disgusting! I showed it to the waiter, he shocked too. I never suggest here to anyone?! It was a horrible experience!

Styvens Belloge: Mexican version of Lebanese food. Retty good overall. They drop have shawarma but use q different name. Their tabouleh was good.I would recommend it.

Elizabeth Skoll: The chicken was flavourless and the sesame sauce too salty. The baklava was dry and seemed old. Overall would not recommend.

Nisen Garcia: Food was ok, price is high for the type of food but the portions are large. Good for sharing plates in a large group. Attention was nice and the atmosphere is good to the food there.

Younes Nouri: Food (kebab and tacos) was not good and the place is nothing like they advertise

Enrique Davila: Not disappointed! Very good!

Mario Jimenez: Best Lebanon food

Terapeuta H. Rafael Edi Eterravan: We loved the place, the service and above all its cuisine, spectacular flavor in its dishes and Arabic tacos, I recommend it 100%

Vicente Fernández: We saw it advertised in the square and decided to eat here. They have very good service, the person who attended us all the time was attentive and also advised us on the composition of the dishes. Dishes in general are overpriced. The rice with lentils that we ate was tasty The keppe ball felt very dry, we did not like it. The tufa cake, the meat is very tasty but the bread is similar in quality to the bolillo that you would buy in a self-service. The highly recommended cheese baklava to close with dessert

7. Mari Gold

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82 reviews
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Mari Gold

Address: Calle Gob.Protasio Tagle 66A, San Miguel Chapultepec II Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11850 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 AM Wed

Telephone: +52 56 2557 4758

Business type: Restaurant

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Mari Gold: what do users think?

Gustavo Perez: Running by the same chefs of Masala & Maíz, this place has a more relaxed menu but still explores the borders between mexican, indian and other cuisines and flavors. I had the kebab with tomatillo chutney, it was outstanding. Great selection of wines and a clean and comfortable interior design.

Yi-Chieh Chen: Brother restaurant of Masala y Maíz, so you know it’s good 😉 most of the dishes are/can be made gluten-free, so an awesome celiac friendly spot. Everything from the food to natural wine, service to decor was on point 🤩 the only suggestion I have is powering up the kitchen ventilation. The table style feels communal and cozy. Most of the seats are indoor, with the exception of one outdoor table. All of the dishes we have tried were delectable. My personal favorites: - Alitas: like the one from Masala y Maíz. The sauce is heavenly. - Molote Tikki: they are like mini plantain croquettes. So addictive and the perfect blend of sweetness from the fruit and savoriness from the sauce. Highly recommend adding this place to your must-visit list 💕

Robyn Huang: Beautiful space, especially the table for four in the back right under the outside light in the courtyard. Run by the same chef as Masala y Maíz, this was just a splendour for the tastebuds - beautifully plated, and a wonderful balance of spices, flavours, textures and fresh ingredients. We ordered a good majority of the menu items (outside of breakfast items), and each dish was better than the next. Each plate is not that big - 5-6 dishes for four people was perfect to share. I especially enjoyed the crudo and the cheese sandwich. Hope to come back for brunch!

Marisa Villarreal: Incredible food, and the design and layout of the interior is beautiful. Every detail is so well thought out, especially for a restaurant that has only been open for a few months. Their wine is also incredible. Highly recommend!!!!

D K: What an underrated dining experience. Surprised this restaurant isn’t a top 5. My gf and I are huge foodies and flew into Mexico City for the first time and were excited about this place. We absolutely loved everything about our dining experience, the food was absolutely mind blowing and Alex our waiter was extremely cordial and accommodating. We can not wait to comeback and are excited to try the sister restaurant next, Masala Yi Maiz. This was the best food on our trip, it was a better than Pujol. If your in Mexico City, Mari Gold is a must!!!

Brian “Zimo” Jin: While I was enjoying the lunch at Masala y Maiz the other day, I was lucky to meet with Saqib. He mentioned about their new place called Mari Gold. I had to check it out before my flight. I am so glad I was able to end my CDMX trip with Mari Gold. The vibe, music, food and the friendly staffs. Everything was so great. I had a scone and Sandwich Gughra for brunch. The Sandwich and the salsa that comes with it is sooooo good. You should def check this place out!

Brooke Cullison: Delicious brunch! Staff was friendly and explained each unique dish. I had the vindaloo chicken wings and chilaquiles, both were delicious. Will be back to try the fish sandwich and Ethiopian dish!

8. Comida AfroAllende

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23 reviews
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Comida AfroAllende

Address: Andador hacienda mayorazgo edificio 14 departamento 302 roof garden fraccionamiento residencial el milagro, La Lejona, 37765 San Miguel de Allende, Gto., Mexico

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: +52 415 144 7335

Business type: Ethiopian restaurant

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Comida AfroAllende: what do users think?

Erika Montes Ruiz: The food is authentic and delicious. Brooke and Kyla were great hosts, very friendly, and accommodating. They provided gluten free options and provided excellent service. Their terrace has beautiful views, it was private, and perfect for get togethers or private events.
Response: Thanks for coming, Erika! We're looking forward to seeing you again soon. We could have chatted with you all night! ;)

Joyce yang: what a wonderful dinner and super authentic Ethiopian food in mexico. Kyla and brook are also such a wonderful host. will definitely come back for more and introduce to more people this place
Response: Thank you so much for coming to eat with us last night, Joyce. We're excited to see you again soon and to try YOUR kimchi! :)

Jennifer Kagan: DELICIOUS!! Ethiopian food is my absolute favorite. Before, when I would travel back to the US, I would run to Ethiopian restaurant in each city. I ordered for a party, Kyla was so helpful and easy and it all arrived on time. But the absolute best is that it is DELICIOUS!!!!Before I could sit down, my guests were inhaling the food. And we topped it off with the must-get desserts (both are amazing). Authentic, delicious and obviously made with can feel it. GRACIAS!!!
Response: Thank you so much! We're so happy you and your guests enjoyed the food!

Vanessa D'Rand: What a treat to have Ethiopian cuisine in San Miguel, and with such an accomplished chef yet. Brook’s judicious use of exotic spices makes for uncommonly delicious food, my personal favorite being the traditional chicken stew. I can’t wait to try every dish on the menu, the food is that good...and as a bonus, the service is stellar.
Response: Thank you! We recommend the shiro wat (garbanzo stew) next time! It has similar spices.

Vicky Jaspeado: Kyla and Brook are great hosts. Wether at Senderos or at their terrace, they create a cozy really pleasant environment. Food is five stars! Every plate is great and there are options for everyone. Non spicy, medium spicy, Ethiopian spicy (!). vegetarian, meat... Oh... and the smells....yum!!
Response: Thank you, Vicky! We were very happy to have you join us last night!

Andrea K: These dear people catered a gathering at my home. Everyone was thrilled with the new flavors and enjoyed their meal. San Miguel has a chance to taste authentic Ethiopian food that is healthy and made with love. Especially loved the chickpeas and injera!
Response: Thank you! It was a great to come and serve you!

JamesD: We had a fantastic evening with Brook and Kyla last night as they catered a dinner party at our friends house. All the food was delicious and the presentation was beautiful! These two know how to make their creations melt in your mouth, and they truly enjoy what they are doing. I can’t wait to eat with them again!
Response: We can't wait to serve you again! What we love most about catering house parties is the amazing people we get to meet, and the other night was no exception. We feel very fortunate to have met you and your friends. A wonderful night!

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